Whether you’re replacing older trucks in your fleet lineup or expanding your operation, there are some tricks to selecting the best semi truck for the job.

Shopping For New Semi Trucks

This is a logical first choice for most purchase decisions. With new semi trucks you’ll get the maximum warranty and won’t have to worry about the condition of the semi truck’s body.

The other primary advantage of buying new is that you’ll benefit from the latest of Freightliner’s semi truck innovation. If there is a new fuel technology or advancements in onboard diagnostics, to name two examples, you’ll be sure your truck will come equipped with them. This keeps your operation efficient with simpler maintenance and newer parts.

Versatility of Used Semi Trucks

The cutting edge technology is a nice aspect of buying new semi trucks, but it carries with it a higher price tag. In cases were some of those new features aren’t needed, it can be more viable to shop used semi trucks instead.

Many of Freightliner’s used semi trucks still carry limited warranties, allowing for a good compromise of reliability and price. For your standard highway-hauling truck, a used model may be exactly what your fleet needs. For more specialized vehicles where the truck body has been fitted with hydraulic lifts or other equipment, buyers can benefit from this customization having been done in advance.

Easy Restoration with Glider Kits

In certain cases you may not even need to purchase a new semi truck at all. Glider kits allow for a standardized method of reconditioning your fleet vehicles. These kits essentially replace the drive train and various other engine components as well as sections of the frame — you can think of them as attachable replacements for a used semi truck that restores the body and puts some new back in the mechanical components.

This improves the life span of the semi truck and tends to be more affordable than replacing the truck altogether. In cases where the truck is in fairly good condition, especially if you have quite a few like it in your fleet, this can be the most feasible way to bring them all current at once.

The Glider kits are made in the same manufacturing plants as the trucks, so everything is engineered to fit perfectly.

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