Freightliner’s partnership with Cummins has created some of the finest semi trucks in the industry over the years. And now it just got better. The 2017 Cascadia trucks, for instance, will feature a newly designed Cummins X15 engine.

This new powerhouse features up to 500 horsepower and 1850 pounds of torque. But the Freightliner Cascadia had plenty of power before, right? The refinements don’t stop there.

The X15 diesel engine features a host of new technology to create better thermal efficiency, more engine braking power to save the physical brakes, more efficient fuel system, and predictive cruise control. What’s immediately noticeable is the safety and luxury that are a standard for the Cascadia. The braking performance and advancements to the cruise and other electrical systems makes for a smoother ride, which is especially handy for longer hauls.

The SmartAdvantage powertrain is smooth as silk, and the stopping power of a massive 15 liter engine on a downshift brings huge boons for downward inclines.

But in the longer term, the fuel efficiency alone will add value to trucking fleets. With more efficient emissions systems and long maintenance cycles, the new Cascadia earns its keep well by staying on the road as much as possible.