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Flagship Semi Trucks For Sale

Whether you’re an owner-operator or you run an entire fleet, shopping for that next semi truck can be both exciting and daunting. But when it comes to adding leaders to your pack, Freightliner has you covered with some of the …

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The Freightliner Cascadia: Tomorrow’s Semi Truck

As one of a pair of Freightliner’s flagship semi trucks, the Cascadia bears the fruit of Freightliner’s many innovations.

Aside perks like BlueTec emissions systems and patented diagnostics, the Cascadia is also the framework for prototype technologies. When Freightliner launched …

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A Guide to Semi Trucks for Sale

Whether you’re replacing older trucks in your fleet lineup or expanding your operation, there are some tricks to selecting the best semi truck for the job.

Shopping For New Semi Trucks

This is a logical first choice for most purchase …

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