News began cropping up late last year about the new DD5 engine from Detroit Diesel. As the first of several new diesel engine designs to come (DD8 coming in 2018), the DD5 sets itself squarely as a contender in the medium duty niche.

The DD5 offers the flexibility you’d expect from the versatile medium duty lineup, with two power options: 210HP/575ft-lb torque and a 230HP/660ft-lb torque. Another big enhancement this engine brings to the road is a lengthy 45,000 mile maintenance interval. This allows semi trucks like the Freightliner M2 106 to log more hauls between maintenance stops, keeping the whole operation more profitable.

There’s been talk of further engine power options as well, once production shifts to the Redford facility next year.

All new Detroit Diesel engines feature the award-winning Virtual Technician diagnostics system, which makes assessing challenges that may arise easy, even mid-haul. This also means that fleet managers can stay abreast of any issues that arise with trucks on the job remotely, so it’s easier to manage and stay efficient than ever.

Kary Schaefer, marketing manager of Daimler trucks, had the following to say about the DD5:

“We fully expect that as customers come to realize the total cost advantage of running these reliable and efficient DD5 engines in their fleets, they will Demand Detroit as the engine of choice as they have with the heavy duty DD13®, DD15® & DD16® engines.”

Some other powerful technology built into the DD5:

  • Sturdy rear gear train and ribbed cast iron block minimizes noise vibration harshness (NVH)
  • Simple fixed-geometry dual-stage turbo provides performance, efficiency, and reliability
  • Robust design provides B10 life of 400,000 miles
  • Integrated engine brake option provides superior braking horsepower and extended service brake life
  • Advanced common rail fuel pressure system optimizes each injection event to minimize fuel consumption
  • Piston and cylinder design reduce friction and provide optimal combustion
  • Variable cam phasing technology for improved aftertreatment system performance
  • Variable-speed fan and advanced cooling reduce fan on time, contributing to lower fuel consumption

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