Diesel Engines

Triad Freightliner of Greensboro proudly offers two lines of truck engine solutions for your commercial hauling needs. For operations of all types throughout the Greensboro areas of NC and beyond, our engine options maximize the efficiency and longevity of your fleet.

Each truck engine manufacturer brings an amazing blend of performance and efficiency to the table. This commitment to fuel economy, eco-friendly emissions, and the power that fleets need to excel is what we’re proud to offer with all our Freightliner trucks. The trucks themselves are engineered with lighter components that balance strength with low weight for a more efficient, aerodynamic drive. Integration with truck networks via tablet devices and other technological advancements are revolutionizing the way fleets operate.

We understand that truck fleets need to stay moving to be profitable, and the best way to ensure that is to use solidly built parts from trusted names in large engines. Both the Cummins and Detroit Diesel engines are built to minimize wear and tear and to extend maintenance cycles. This saves time and money long term for your operation.

Read more about our Detroit Diesel engines:
Detroit Diesel engines have a long history of being a point of pride in American engineering for powerful engines. With best-in-class fuel economy and rigorous attention to detail in design, every inch of a Detroit Diesel engine speaks to performance. Detroit Diesel engines use BlueTec SCR emissions technology, giving your fleet unparalleled performance and dependability.

Detroit Diesel engines also means an unrivaled availability of parts. Maintenance and repairs will be easier than ever. With the number of factory-certified technicians available in over 800 authorized service outlets across the US, you’ll never have to look far for assistance with your fleet needs. Detroit diesel engines also come equipped with Virtual Technician, a powerful onboard diagnostic system. With this system you can anticipate maintenance needs as well as quickly address issues as they arise. Virtual Technician can even help you find a service center and schedule service or maintenance.

Read more about our Cummins engines:
Cummins engines trace their history to Indy 500 races, with a long-standing record of high performance engines and parts. Innovation and commitment to engines that would excel under tough conditions is what the company has built its reputation on, and it’s a tradition that carries on today in all their heavy duty truck engines.

From emergency vehicles to huge berry pickers, Cummins engines power a variety of vehicles every day. All Cummins engines are engineered for efficiency for those long work days when compromise isn’t part of the vocabulary.

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