Whether you’re an owner-operator or you run an entire fleet, shopping for that next semi truck can be both exciting and daunting. But when it comes to adding leaders to your pack, Freightliner has you covered with some of the most innovative semi trucks for sale available.

The Cascadia

Freightliner Cascadia semi truck for sale

Powerful. Full of new features. Aerodynamic and fuel-saving. With engine options capable of hauling just about anything and a cab spacious enough for long journeys, the Freightliner Cascadia is a go-to Class 8 master of the road.

A lot of folks ask about the Cascadia when browsing semi trucks for sale, new and used, because of its long-standing reputation. It’s one that’s well earned with a variety of engine options for all types of uses. Owners can opt for the Detroit Diesel DD13 for economical highway driving, or scale up to the DD16 for more demanding jobs.

The Cascadia is also available in the Evolution model — even sleeker and more aerodynamic. Its refined frame was 7% more aerodynamic than the first generation aerodynamic package. Everything on the exterior from the wheel covers to molded mirrors was taken into account for highway mileage. Integrated antennas leave nothing sticking out.

And to keep the engine systems cool? A massive 140 square inch radiator sits under the hood to handle the heat of a long drive.

The Run Smart Predictive System can evaluate up to a mile of road coming and adjust the speed accordingly to save fuel on the drive. Pair that with upcoming advancements in smart trucks where the system can take over if the truck veers out of its lane or comes to close to another vehicle, and you have on trouble-saving machine.

Truly, the Cascadia Evolution is designed inside and out to master the road.

The Coronado

Freightliner Coronado Semi Truck for sale

One look at that classic design and rugged front grille and you know exactly the kind of semi truck you’re dealing with. The Coronado shines in all kinds of heavy applications like logging transport and maximum weight trailer loads through demanding terrain.

Don’t let the Coronado’s classic look fool you though — many of the same innovations featured in the Cascadia and other models come equipped in this big guy. One of the highlights here is the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) emissions system, which turns all that power into a much cleaner output.

Much of the would-be exhaust is converted to oxygen and nitrogen, then expelled harmlessly. Obviously that’s a big win for the environment with all the trucks on the road.

Freightliner’s Warranty on New Semi Trucks For Sale

Detroit’s Extended Service Coverage plan takes already great coverage to the next level. For five years or 500,000 miles engine repairs are a no-stressor. Your fleet is protected, and if you do need servicing our parts and service shop we’re a convenient stop right off I-40.

So when you’re in the market for your next semi truck, check out what Triad Freightliner has for sale!