February 1 Freightliner corporate announced the production of a new series of Cascadia. This new design was conceived to answer six Real Cost of Ownership questions: fuel efficiency, safety, connectivity, quality, up-time and driver experience.

“It’s exciting to see trucks rolling off the assembly line and being delivered to customers. The new Cascadia delivers fuel efficiency, connectivity, safety, quality and a premium driver experience for our customers,” said Kary Schaefer, general manager, Marketing & Strategy for Daimler Trucks North America.

The new Cascadia will be equipped with the following technology:

  • AeroX design
  • Integrated Detroit Powertrain (IDP)
  • Intelligent Powertrain Management (IPM4) – 2.16 direct drive axle boosts fuel economy 8%
  • 72″ raised roof sleeper cab
  • IDP, combining efficient 400 horsepower with 1750 lb/ft of torque with an automated manual transmission

An optional Detroit Assurance 4.0 suite of safety systems will include Active Brake Assist, one that provides full braking on stationary objects. It also provides warnings and partial braking for pedestrians, and gives the driver the option of Adaptive Cruise Control and warnings for if the truck is starting to swerve out of its current highway lane.

These safety features are seamlessly added to the dash area, making for a smoother ride that adds no complication to the operation.

A New Cab Redesigned For Long-Haul Comfort

Aside these mechanical advancements, the new Cascadia design also takes into account the lifestyle of the professional driver. For operators that are on the road day after day, the design and amenities of the cab make a big difference since so much time is spent there. As a result, the cab area is expanded to allow more cabinet space and small appliances. There’s even a swivel bracket that fits up to a 26″ TV for entertainment during downtime.

The expanded cab also incorporates a full size Murphy bed, and includes an option for cargo shelving to store containers or duffel bags.

Nothing compares to the comfort of home, but the new cab design attempts to put the Cascadia as close as possible. R&R is important after a long day of highway driving so that you’re alert and focused the next session. But comfort and convenience is just as important during the drive itself, and this fact is something Freightliner has taken to heart over the years in our continued effort to make semi trucks like the Cascadia as comfortable as possible.

Check out our inventory of new semi trucks going forward for Cascadias near you, and stay tuned for updates on this new design as it hits dealerships.