Trucking operations in and around the Triad may have used Triad Freightliner’s heavy duty truck parts department before. If not, readers should know that we feature an increasing inventory of semi truck parts and accessories for everything from maintenance to ways to personalize the interior of the cab. Among other new parts, we’re pleased to announce Glider Kits for all Freightliner trucks as well.

Glider Kits provide a cost-effective way to update the equipment in your fleet. Daimler Trucks, the manufacturer, carries a wide assortment of configurations for the Glider Kits, allowing you to select one that is ideal for your semi truck’s setup.

Glider Kits are the Ultimate Heavy Duty Truck Parts

In cases where the semi truck’s frame is worn or damaged from a collision, these kits allow you to get like-new performance and reduce the cost of ownership. Improving the look and function of a faithful semi truck in your fleet that otherwise runs well can be a great way to extend the service life of your vehicles and keep things moving.

Glider Kits are built in the same assembly lines as new Freightliner (and Western Star) trucks, which puts to rest any worries that the parts will fit appropriately or that they won’t be adaptable to various models and body designs.

Fleet owners can even purchase customized kits to accommodate special use cases. By upgrading the cab and chassis, truck owners can extend the life of the truck’s powertrain and other components. Glider Kits are a faster and more cost-effective way to standardize multiple fleet units. And because Glider Kits can prolong the life of other components, it makes it easier to stay on top of the fleet’s heavy duty truck parts in general.

Each Glider carries a Freightliner warranty, including:

  • 1 year / 100,000 miles on the basic vehicle, including parts and labor
  • 3 years / 300,000 miles on cab structure
  • 6 years / 750,000 miles on frame and cross members

Note that extended warranty options are available. Ask us about them in our heavy duty truck parts shop!