The Mitsubishi Fuso is all about efficiency. A lot of semi truck manufacturers focus on hauling power, massive diesel engines, and the versatility of things they can pull. Those are certainly important benefits for any fleet, but there are other things that go into improving a fleet’s bottom line.

The Fuso series offers various configurations of medium duty semi trucks that are ideal for deliveries, transporting tools, supplies, or light vehicles.

Mitsubishi Fuso Efficient Semi Trucking Solutions

The efficient yet versatile 4-cylinder diesel engine of the Mitsubishi Fuso can round out the pack with a cost-saving way to hual goods. It’s estimated that even if the truck travels less than 20,000 miles per year, it can still save fleets thousands of dollars in fuel costs. Build a fleet with several Fusos that are driven regularly, and the savings to the fleet can be huge.

Reliability and fuel economy are hallmarks of the Mitsubishi Fuso series. Beyond the 5 year/175,000 mile warranty, the Fuso trucks are sold and serviced at our Greensboro Freightliner location. This is a convenient stop alongside any east to west travel, so scheduling service or stopping by to shop our parts selection is easy.

Compared to Isuzu semi trucks, for example, the Mitsubishi Fuso is 8% more fuel efficient and can carry 2200 more pounds. For the world of lighter medium-duty semi trucks, that makes the Fuso a clear contender.

But the Fuso semi truck line is taking this efficiency step further. Mitsubishi recently finished tests on a new Canter model of Fuso truck that uses an all-electric engine. It has a limited range of 60 miles per charge for the time being, but it’s also over 60% more efficient than comparably sized and equipped diesel semi trucks.

Like any technology, the biggest hurdle is first making it work. After that, the tweaking phase begins where the technology becomes faster, more efficient, cheaper to make, etc. This is an exciting step forward for keeping the environment clean and decreasing fleet costs, and a mark of more to come.