In addition to its regular lineup of Freightliner semi trucks, Triad Freightliner also offers a spry group of medium-duty semi trucks in the Mitsubishi FUSO line.

A lot of attention gets thrown at the severe duty semi trucks for huge hauls in tough environments. That’s certainly important, but for a lot of fleets that’s simply not the everyday. For shorter local deliveries and even longer distance hauls with average cargo, the 295 lb-ft torque of the FUSO series fits the bill perfectly.

Mitsubishi Fuso Medium Duty for job sites

The smaller body of the FUSO also means greater maneuverability. Think busy job sites with other vehicles and machinery and it’s immediately clear how a tighter turn radius makes a work day smoother. Semi trucks in a construction zone often carry tools, supplies, and building materials, and a semi truck that can get in and out quickly is useful for multiple trips.

But even outside the job site, even a highway-bound semi truck has to take to regular roads eventually. With a trailer attached, making sharp turns nimbly can be a challenge. Unlike a car, it’s not so easy to throw it in reverse and K-turn during a sharp twist. And with other busy traffic around while managing a trailer? It’s better to simply make safer turns.

The Mitsubishi FUSO captures the basics of what being a semi truck entails and does them well. What you get is an affordable addition to your fleet that is backed by a 3-year unlimited mileage bumper to bumper warranty.

FUSO warranty semi trucks

Check out the FUSO FE180 to start with and build from there! We can set you up with a local test drive to determine if it’s the right addition to your lineup!