Parent company Daimler has been leading the charge to create eco-friendly semi trucks for some time now, continuing with the Mitsubishi Fuso’s electric cell. Previous, Freightliner had developed a prototype hybrid semi truck with the Department of Energy that boasted 50% more fuel economy than standard semi trucks. Fuso’s new all electric battery offers another take on improving the bottom line for semi trucks.

Hopes were high with an all-electric approach, and after a year of testing it did not disappoint. This new model of Fuso Canter FE attained 64% better fuel cost savings than an equivalent medium duty semi truck.

How was that calculated?

Well most of the tests were conducted in Europe, so prices for the average cost of diesel fuel and electricity were used against the average usage of each. For diesel trucks, Canters often use roughly 3.72 gallons per 100 miles. This was compared against this electric model’s usage of 76kwh/100 miles.

Best yet, the electric truck generated zero carbon dioxide emissions. Even when researchers accounted for the CO2 emissions from the power plants creating the electricity to charge the truck, emissions were still 37% lower than that of the equivalent diesel engine model.

Mitsubishi Fuso Electric Cell Semi Truck

The Canter FE’s body had to be widened slightly to accommodate the e-cells. Otherwise, though, it’s everything operators love about the Canter FE and forward-thinking, to boot.

More efficient driving? Check. Lower emissions for the environment and better air quality for cities trucks like this operate within? Check.

One concern that’s been the case for years in electric cells is the difference in range versus a gasoline and diesel engines. The e-cell lasted 60 miles with a 4400 pound payload. Impressive for a battery-driven vehicle carrying so much weight. It can be quick charged with either a 230 volt/30 amp charger or a 290 volt/100 amp charger.

It isn’t ideal for long distance hauls yet, obviously, but for around town deliveries or work on job sites it’s a clean and efficient way to get things done.