Freightliner has recently partnered with FlowBelow Aero, Inc. to create a better Cascadia than ever. The FlowBelow Aerodynamic package is a new add-on for Freightliner Cascadia trucks. The best part is, this is available for all Cascadia models, whether they have the Evolution aerodynamic package or not. This partnership allows the FlowBelow package to be factory installed on new Cascadias as well.

So What Is The FlowBelow AeroKit?

It’s a tractor-mounted system with quick release wheel coverings and rear fairings. The quick release wheel covers can be removed on the fly without special tools, which is handy for varying conditions. Especially so for semi trucks that might be on a job site for awhile before hitting the highway.

These features, especially when paired with the Cascadia’s already sleek design, create a very smooth ride with less drag and sway than ever before. Aside the obvious bump in fuel economy, the reduced sway is a safety feature that furthers some of Freightliner’s other recent innovations to create the safest trucks on the road.

Mary Aufdemberg, director of product marketing for Freightliner, says the collaboration with FlowBelow “offer[s] more aerodynamic options for our customers will help further enhance the performance of our most fuel-efficient vehicles.”

But owner-operators and fleets don’t have to buy a new Cascadia to enjoy the benefits of this new package. The FlowBelow AeroKit is available as an aftermarket add-on at Freightliner dealerships, which is a worthwhile upgrade.

“Freightliner Trucks leads the industry with the most technologically advanced, fuel-efficient trucks available,” said Josh Butler, founder and CEO of FlowBelow Aero. “Together, we are providing increased value while also laying the groundwork for more aerodynamic achievements.”