Here at Triad Freightliner we’re happy to share another round of new truck parts specials, good through March 31 of 2017. If you’re in the area and looking to do some maintenance work or swap out some parts, check out these offers:

March 31 Parts special - Alliance Battery

March 31 Parts special - Alliance Clutches

March 31 Parts special - Delco Remy Alternators

March 31 Parts special - Alliance Wiper Blades

March 31 Parts special - Jost Fifth Wheel

March 31 Parts special - mudflaps

March 31 Parts special - ZeroStart cold weather products

From batteries to cold weather starting products to keep you moving even when the environment is tough, our parts specials make it simple to get what you need any time you’re passing through the Greensboro area.

Our ZeroStart block heaters are ideal for frosty weather where diesel engines struggle to start. Using these cold weather products heat your engine to a proper starting temp, avoiding excessive delays in getting going and reducing engine wear.

Mud flaps and fifth wheel plates are upgrades every semi truck needs from time to time, and while they’re not always a priority special offers like this are a great time to pick them up if you’ve been thinking about it.

Clutches and alternators are good choices for fleet trucks with some miles on them. If the trucks are coming due, it’s far easier to swap parts like these out now than deal with it once they become a problem. Alternators particularly.

And lastly, batteries are probably the hottest item to get on special. This is a great season to get your hands on a new battery, since colder weather puts additional strain on components during startup. If you’re using an old battery that’s nearing the borderline of good/not good, a really cold morning could be the thing that prevents a clean start. Swapping it out for a new, strong battery ensures you’ll have the amperage you need to crank every morning.

Stop by our parts store if you’re in the area, or call us directly for more information!