Triad Freightliner carries a variety of heavy duty truck parts and accessories at our Greensboro, NC, location. With over 35 years of excellent customer service, we’re happy to help you with all your trucking needs. Our Greensboro location offers a full range of parts and service to service all models of Freightliner trucks. From semi truck parts for maintenance to accessories and preparedness kits you can get everything you need to be ready for whatever the road throws at you.

Semi Truck Parts include:

  • Shocks
  • Lights
  • Bumpers
  • Wiper Blades
  • Batteries
  • Mud Flaps
  • Mirrors
  • Steering Wheels
  • Detroit Diesel parts

Semi Truck Accessories include:

  • Cab Tool Boxes
  • Chrome Accessories
  • Refrigerators and DC Ovens
  • Seats and covers
  • Flare Kits

Personalize your heavy duty trucks to give them a sense of character. Little touches can make the truck feel more comfortable during long hauls, and many of these upgrades add function to the truck cab. Refrigerators for example can save time by allowing food or beverages to be stored. That means less time looking for a restaurant or gas station and easier access to refreshments to keep alert.

Tool boxes and flare kits are make all the difference in the event of a break down. If it’s a minor repair that can be done with these tools it can save the driver from being stranded and waiting for help.

We’re conveniently located right off of I-40, providing an easily accessible hub for maintenance and repair needs that may arise during the haul. Because of our selection of semi truck parts and our full service center, we can address any need that arises with your trucks and get them back on the road.Walk-ins are welcome, but if you know a truck in your fleet will be passing through the area we’re happy to schedule maintenance service or repairs that can be done conveniently along the way.

We also offer fleet maintenance programs. Regular maintenance ensures that the fluid levels are always nominal and that wearing parts can be anticipated before they become an issue on the road. Maintenance visits can be planned for, but unexpected downtime when you have deadlines to meet can be a real detriment to your operation. Take the worry out of your day to day and leverage the advanced diagnostic systems in all modern Freightliner semi trucks. It’s easier than ever to anticipate services your trucks will need and be proactive about aging parts.

Contact us today for parts information or for specific questions for your fleet maintenance.