Built with a classic look and packed with plenty of power, the Freightliner Coronado has been a long-standing warrior of the road.

Freightliner Coronado Semi Truck

But a semi truck known for its power doesn’t mean you’re boxed in when looking at it. The Coronado actually comes with a variety of engine options, from the efficient Detroit Diesel DD14 to the beefy DD16 and Cummins ISX15. Right off the bat this allows you to choose for your typical use case. If you generally haul more medium-sized loads for long distance highway trips, there’s a viable route for that. If you use your semi trucks in work sites pulling other vehicles, heavy equipment, or over-sized loads you’ll know you have the power needed.

Quite often operators use the Freightliner Coronado for long distance hauls, so the interior of the cab is designed to be intuitive and comfortable.

Tall ceilings, spacious seating, and a simplified dash interface with LED lighting make for the ultimate ride — day or night. For trips that span several days, the under-bunk storage space makes it easy to pack supplies. The roomy cab itself is very usable for rest stops to get some rest and stay alert.

Comfortable seating and the easy-to-use dash are selling points in themselves, but both of those things also contribute to longer riding stamina and less fatigue. Those are great benefits no matter how you use the semi trucks in your fleet.

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Coronado Glider Kits

The three biggest advantages of using Freightliner Glider kits are lower upfront cost, lower maintenance costs, and higher resale value. Fleet managers report that semi trucks with Glider kits tend to cost 10-15% less than a comparably equipped factory semi truck.

Applying a Glider kit swaps out several parts, including the steering axle, frame, cab, and many other parts. This makes it an efficient way to take a used semi truck with some wear and restore it to a much newer condition.

Your maintenance costs will be lower because of the new components, and you won’t have to nitpick which parts to switch if you’re upgrading several trucks in your fleet. The Glider kits are uniform for each model, so you can blanket upgrade several of the same model at once and know that everything will fit properly and run smoothly.

These Glider kits are built in the same factories as the Freightliner Coronado and other models, which is what gives them a perfect fit. They’re not third party parts made to be close.

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