Team Freightliner Hauler Challenge

Tom “Thumper” McCrimmon, a professional truck driver, recently won the championship for Freightliner Trucks Run Smart Hauler Challenge. It’s a mouthful of a name, but McCrimmon brought home the trophy October 7th at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Each competitor in this race had to maneuver through obstacles to demonstrate their prowess as truck drivers.

Freightliner trucks motorsports marketing manager Stacey Premo says “Driving a truck in normal road conditions requires focus and skill. Competing in the Freightliner Run Smart Hauler Challenge takes that focus and skill to another level.”

Since 2006 Freightliner has held the hauler challenge. Five events full of tough road challenges, all to determine the finest semi truck driver. The driver that navigates all the tough turns and obstacles with the most skill overall wins in the final course.

The Freightliner Cascadia hauls seven teams from race to race each week of the competition, so the cars and equipment are in good hands.